Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mainstream Publishing is Closed to Most Writers -- Writers are Pushing Ahead

There has long been a stigma attached to "self publishing" which also goes by the unflattering term: "Vanity Publishing."

It's always been considered the case that those who can't cut it by getting their manuscript accepted by a "real publisher" had no worthy talent to begin with.

When these pathetic wannabes chose to forge ahead anyway and pay to have their book published, well, that's just kind of embarrassing.

But the time has finally come to drive a stake in the heart of the idea that self-publishing is somehow "less than." In fact, self publishing of "indie publishing" is now the new normal.

And why not. The mainstream publishing industry is not so much dead, but rather, an devolved into an exclusive club for certain elites, or for celebrities who can deliver guaranteed, massive media exposure to a book that they will probably engage a ghostwriter to write.

So unless you are Stephen King or a movie star, it doesn't really matter how much literary talent you have. Getting your foot through the door of "The Big Six" remaining book publishers is more akin to winning the lottery than having true literary talent.

So indie publishing is exploding -- and that's a good thing (mostly). There are droves of extremely talented writers who are going directly to the market, finding their own audiences for their books -- and keeping more profits for themselves.

A case in point is Minnesota writer Kim Hruba. Hruba is leveraging an array of Internet-enabled tools and funding mechanisms for a big-time roll out of her novel, ELEVATOR GIRL.

I recently had a sit down interview via Skype with the author which you can SEE HERE


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